1 Feb 08

If you want to shine as a Tinfoil Gourmet and we know you do, you need to pick up a couple of tools of the trade that make your life easier. One of these is Welder’s gloves.

These are large long leather gloves used by welders that provide a lot of protection. It makes it child play to reach into the coals and retrieve a delectable packet a foil from the coals or turn a packet it need. They can be purchased at most hardware stores or you can get them online like the ones below. Get you a pair and show off in front of the other campers. You too can be a tinfoil master. Now if only the made them for my eyebrows.

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  • This is a very good point. I have been using welding gloves for outdoor cooking for years now. They handle the heat very well. So well, that I occasionally pick up coals just with the glove to move them around for even heating.

    Another benefit is that welding gloves tend to be less expensive than outdoor cooking gloves (even though they are the same).

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