2 Feb 08

For the novice cooking tinfoil packets on a camp fire may seem a little daunting but with with a little guidance you too will be a Tinfoil Gourmet. Can you just see the other campers drooling? I can.

When cooking with coals all it takes is a little planning and attention to fire making.
To prepare a campfire for coal cooking having some larger pieces of wood really helps, the bigger pieces produce longer lasting coals. If available, use hardwoods like Oak because they can really give a lot of heat shortening your cook time. A mix of Pine and hardwoods are ideal because the hardwoods can take a little to start and the Pine burns quickly. If not use what you have it will be fine. Plan out your fire pit in advance dividing it into a main fire area and a coal bed. The coal bed is where you are going to do your cooking and the main fire area is where you would add wood for heat and light.
Start the fire in plenty of time so that it can burn down to coals for cooking, this can take 20 minutes and depends on the amount and type of wood. Once the fire has died down a little and you have coals try to arrange them in the coal bed on the side of you fire pit. If you want to add more wood for light and heat do that in the main area. Level out the coals in the bed and this is where you are going to cook your packets. Just place the packets in the coals. To expedite cooking you can keep some of the coals to place on top of the packets. When doing this make sure you check the packets often. A small shovel really comes in handy.
Before long you will be an old pro around the campfire.

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