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24 Feb 08

Bring a little south of the border to your campsite with these tinfoil packets. Chicken fajitas are a great healthy meal that will bring delight to all of your campers. After trying these once you won’t be able to wait to go camping again. You’ll want to make these at home too. Campfire cooking at it’s finest, how do the other campers live…

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22 Feb 08

Cube Steak
Campfire cooking has never been so good or this easy. Just picture coming back to camp after a great day of hiking or playing on the water and you can smell the welcoming aroma of these steaks and potatoes covered in a rich mushroom sauce with a hint of garlic. Retrieve your aluminum foil parcel from the coals, smell that rich aroma, as your fellow campers are eating burn’t hotdogs on a stick. Sit back and enjoy, go ahead gloat a little because it tastes sooo… good.Yum….

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